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Author Chris Hodges is the founding and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands which offers weekly worship services at sixteen campuses across Alabama, including Birmingham. Listen to his recent sermon series on the Daniel Dilemma at Find his books at Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts in Alabaster.

We are living in ungodly days. By every assessment, our nation has experienced significant spiritual decline, exemplified by a fall in church attendance, unacceptable behavior, and moral decay. I suppose ungodliness has always been with us – but our celebration of ungodliness is new indeed. We are now a post-Christian nation, and those who wish to live as disciples of Jesus must do so in increasingly hostile territory.

The Daniel Dilemma (Thomas Nelson, $16.99) by Birmingham’s Rev. Chris Hodges offers timely advice for Christians who want to influence our culture instead of being influenced by it. Hodges, who is the founder and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands, encourages us to build bridges, be gracious, and offer hope instead of condemnation. We should keep our standards high and our grace deep, and speak truthfully without being contentious or argumentative. We are to stand firm in our faith, but do so with patience and humility. Sin is our enemy, not sinners. We must be careful not confuse the two.

Daniel lived in one of history’s most ungodly nations. Babylon was an economic and military powerhouse, a culture which mocked God and righteousness. Even though Daniel lived a life of service to Babylon’s rulers, he remained faithful to God. He knew when to accommodate and when to stand firm, when to speak up and when to remain silent. We can learn from such a man, and The Daniel Dilemma offers valuable lessons on how to navigate a life of faith in a culture of compromise.



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