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Handbag Heaven


Chandra and Sean Lucas’ Handbag Heaven is located at 2370 Hillcrest Road, Mobile,

Headed South for a little beach vacation? Consider adding a fashion stop on your way at Handbag Heaven in West Mobile, Ala. Chandra and Sean Lucas opened the unique store last year and showcase their passion for unique designer inspired handbags. The Alabama natives have curated Handbag Heaven’s inventory from California to Texas to Georgia, and have ached over every detail of the store’s design. Their shop personifies their passion for providing customers with excellent service and a high-end shopping experience.

The Lucas’ believe handbags are more than an accessory – they are a statement of your uniqueness. Their exclusive collection has affordable designer-inspired styles to match your dress, event, or mood. It’s an upscale shopping experience without the upscale price tags.

Handbag Heaven article pic

Handbag Heaven offers cross body, satchel, sling backpack, clutch, messenger, saddle, tote, hobo, bucket, drawstring, and structured handbags all with a scripture attached.


The couple creates their own tags for each item and includes a Scripture for extra encouragement. The Lucas’ explain that they feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity from God and want to use their business as a blessing for others through Him. They are thankful for their customers and want them to enjoy their purchases as well as their store experience. Come shop and find out for yourself how heavenly their handbags are!




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Parenting Points

Content in What Matters: 1 Timothy 6:6-10

With summer approaching, we are planning vacations and family trips. We are looking forward to fun family time and relaxation. Chances are we will take a few hundred pictures (at least) and then post the best ones on Facebook or Instagram to share with family and friends.unnamed-4

However, once the trip is over and the pictures are posted, we are at risk of falling into the trap of discontent and envy. We wait to see how our pictures are liked and commented on. If they don’t get much response from others, we might wonder if our vacation was really as good as we thought. Then we see the trips our friends took that look more exotic or more relaxing and we are convinced we did not do our vacation the right way.

Now all the joy is stolen from the summer vacation and we go into catch up mode to post even better and more fun pictures of our summer experiences. It all becomes one big cycle of disappointment. But there is hope. Paul urged Timothy and the people in Ephesus to find their contentment in God and not fall for the falsified promises of material possessions. It is only in Christ that we find our full worth and joy, and in the end contentment. When he alone is our source of contentment, everything we do in life will have a new sense of joy.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help ground your contentment in Christ:

  • Am I looking for joy from this experience or am I entering into it with joy already?
  • Will I be content if my plans don’t work out?
  • Will my joy and contentment from this experience depend on the approval of others or am I content with God’s love and acceptance of me?
  • Do I consider this to be a need or a want? Why do I consider one or the other?

Embrace the time you have with your family this summer. May it be a time of true joy!

Parenting Points Head Shot Drew Phillips_Byline pic copy-Drew Phillips, Chaplain

Covenant Classical Schools & Daycare

Covenant Classical Schools and Daycare TM2014 copyTo learn more about Covenant Classical Schools visit


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Are We There Yet?

Yellowleaf Creek Mill: Unique Wedding & Event Destination

Are We There Yellowleaf Wide Shot_Creek Mill Fountain pic

Photo Credit: Jake Fountain

The splash of the waterfall and rotation of the 16 foot water wheel are signs of new life from a 150 year old Chilton County landmark. Yellowleaf Creek Mill is a historic gristmill that dates back to before the Civil War. Gone are the days of producing grits and cornmeal, today the mill has experienced a modern day renaissance as one of the most picturesque and unique wedding and event venues in the Southeast.

Are We There_Yellowleaf Wedding 1Y9A4809

Photo Credit: Alyssa Rose Photography

Once called Shannon’s Mill and before that Miller’s Mill, Yellowleaf Creek Mill is believed to have been built around 1855. At one time it was the hub of the community, producing up to 4,500 pounds of cornmeal, flour and grits each day. In 2014, the mill was purchased by a Birmingham businessman with a love of the past. David Brogdon initially purchased the mill to be a centerpiece for a new 530 acre development named “The Highlands” he’s building in North Shelby County. But after the purchase, as he and a few of his colleagues sat in rocking chairs on the mill’s porch overlooking the 150 foot waterfall, its fate became clear. He recalls, “We looked at one another and I said, ‘Well, what are we gonna do?’ And they looked at me and said, ‘We can’t move this mill. It’s too old and too valuable to the community.’’ Brogdon agreed and responded laughing and shaking his head, “That’s what I thought. Now what are we going to do with a gristmill?”

Yellow Leaf Creek Mill Bridal Session, Clanton Alabama Wedding Venue

Yellow Leaf Creek Mill Bridal Session, Clanton Alabama Wedding Venue

Brogdon brought in Chris Reebals of Christopher Architects and Interiors to provide a restoration look that would utilize some new ideas of large porches and additional windows to enhance the mill’s previous glory and beyond. New siding, paint, and a fully functioning water wheel were just some of the additional improvements made. Today the mill is a perfect blend of old and new. Guests feel like they are taking a step back in time without sacrificing modern conveniences. The mill features some of the original machinery but also has state of the art equipment for meetings and events including a 3D Hi-definition projector and large retractable screen, as well as high speed internet.

Yellowleaf Creek Mill features a large covered porch that overlooks Yellowleaf Creek. There’s a bridal suite and a fully functioning, top of the line Viking kitchen. But of course the best seat in the house just may be along the wrap around porch that overlooks the iconic water wheel and breathtaking waterfall. Yellowleaf Creek Mill is available for weddings, receptions, reunions, corporate retreats, church retreats, showers and parties. Enchanting, historic, inspiring, an event at Yellowleaf Creek Mill is sure to be picture perfect and memorable. For more information visit To book an event or learn more about the mill call 205-280-0903 or email

Are We There Yellowleaf kitchen
Just a short ride from Birmingham, Yellowleaf Creek Mill offers a unique blend of beauty and history perfect for weddings, retreats and reunions. Learn more about this Southeast destination on Facebook and at


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Fashion For You

Master Minimalistic Packing & Travel in Style

 hatsAnyone who knows me knows I absolutely love to travel. I will take a boat, plane, train or any form of transportation to get to that long awaited destination. One thing I have not always loved about traveling is packing for a week – or two or three – into one suitcase. This packing problem was a constant dilemma for me-until recently! I am excited to share with you the secret to pulling off minimalist packing: bring essentials without being matchy-matchy and invest in ‘one-and-done’ pieces.Shades

Whether you are heading to the lake, beach, mountains, far off islands or that much anticipated European vacation remember to…

  • Bring interchangeable stapleswedge
  • Make a checklist
  • Don’t forget a LWD (little white dress)
  • Wear a pashmina, bring a sarong
  • Bring your own entertainment (iPad, iPhone, ear buds)
  • Sunscreen is a must
  • Take versatile shoes
  • Layer, layer, layer
  • Stick to a color schemeSarong
  • Stay cool in the shade with a hat
  • Chic starts with the shades
  • Never pack for rain
  • Carry travel sizes of your favorite beauty products
  • Bold accessories make a big punch
  • Wedges win
  • Roll instead of fold

These key summer travel must-haves will ensure you never get stuck at a cocktail party with nothing fancy enough to wear and you won’t spend a day sightseeing in your favorite heels. Put your best foot forward no matter where your compass takes you and always enjoy the ride. Happy Trails!

Fashion for You Krista Conlin BCF Sept 14

-Krista Conlin Robinson 

KC Projects, a full service public relations agency providing branding services to clients from the fashion industry to the corporate world,

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Are We There Yet?

are we there yet travel tips family in front of car imageTravel Safety Tips

The changing weather can have a considerable effect on our vehicles, making maintenance and upkeep vital. Express Oil Change & Tire Engineer who offers these key tips to keep you and your family safe on the road and prevent roadside emergencies.

  • Optimize vehicle efficiency: Get the best possible gas mileage by having a fuel system cleaning performed on your vehicle. Also, make sure tires are properly inflated with plenty of tread life.
  • Ensure a comfortable ride: After a long winter, your air conditioning may need a tune-up to guarantee it is working properly and cooling effectively. You’ll also want to make sure you and your passengers are breathing clean air inside by replacing your cabin filter.
  • Avoid the preventable: There should be no warning indicator lights illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard. Verify that the engine coolant, belts, and hoses are in proper working order. The number one cause of breakdowns is cooling system failure.
  • Prepare for the unexpected: The only thing worse than breaking down on the side of the road is breaking down and realizing you don’t have the proper emergency kit inside your vehicle. Keep items such as a cell phone charger, flashlight, food and water in your vehicle at all times.

Express Oil Change offers a free travel inspection for customers, including checking key points of their vehicles before any extensive traveling.

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Are We There Yet?

Amazing Camp Race


Deer Run, located about 2 ½ hours north of Birmingham, will host The Amazing Camp Race Saturday May 14th.

Looking for a day of family adventure? Deer Run Camps & Retreats near Franklin, Tenn. will host “The Amazing Camp Race” on Saturday May 14. The unique event involves completing a variety of camp activities on Deer Run’s 100 scenic acres — from archery to low ropes to paintball to relays. You choose your team — family, friends, Bible study group, co-workers. All ages are invited to participate. Each team of 2 to 6 persons participates in 10 action packed camp initiatives and is timed at each activity. At the end of the race, the total activity time determines the fastest teams. Prizes will be given for the fastest teams in three categories: Family Team, Church Team and Other. Following the race, participants are invited to ascend the Climbing Tower or fly high on the Giant Swing for a $5 donation each. Early Bird Registration is $25 per person through Sunday, May 1st and if you preregister by May 1, you will be guaranteed an official Amazing Camp Race shirt for each team member. The event benefits MISSION 42:1 Scholarship Fund which provides a camp experience for kids from families in need. Learn more about the race and the camp at

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Legal Matters

Road Hazard Wisdom

HighwayWe are almost always on the road going different places. Interstate travel is so common in everyday life which brings many people in regular contact with 18 Wheelers and other large vehicles.
Many of these drivers work long shifts and are on constantly on the road. The result is fatigue or distracted driving which can lead to a serious accident.

  • How is an 18 wheeler accident different from a regular car accident? These vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. which makes any collision that much more severe. Because of this, a driver for an 18 Wheeler has to follow strict federal guidelines to get a special license called a CDL. The company that employs the driver must carry heavier insurance than most drivers carry. These insurance companies typically specialize in 18 Wheeler coverage and can be difficult for most people to deal with on their own.
  • What kinds of records are available? 18 Wheelers typically have some kind of tracking device such as a GPS or “black box” which records data about the truck. This can include speed, location, and brake application. Additionally, these companies have to inspect each vehicle before and after each trip. Any repairs made to the vehicle has to be saved for a certain amount of time to show that everything is working.
  • What should I do if I am injured by an 18 Wheeler? It is important to call an attorney right away so that they can begin the process of getting records from the trucking company. It is also important to document the accident to remember what the road and weather conditions were as well as what time of day the accident occurred. Pictures of your car at the accident scene are always helpful to an attorney looking to recreate what went wrong. An attorney can also look into the background of the company involved as well as the driver. It is important to have someone who will fight for you after an 18 Wheeler collision.

unnamed-2-Frank S. Buck, P.C., Attorneys at Law have been offering professional legal services and serving Alabama citizens for over 40 years. We have experienced trial attorneys who have over 89 years of combined trial experience. You can reach us 24 hours a day at (205) 933-7533. Please call us for a free consultation.




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The Great Outdoors

From Deer Season to Turkey Season

Deer Season Ends… February brings the end to yet another deer season and hopefully everybody had a bountiful one! When you pick up your meat from the processor, if you run out of room in the freezer or have more deer on fall mutedmeat than you can use, share your harvest. There are plenty of people right here at home that could use the meat, because they are not hunters or maybe things are just tough at the moment and the extra food would be helpful. As hunters and Christians it is important that we keep an eye out for one another, help those in need, and use every opportunity to share what God has given us.

Also, consider using the next couple of weeks as a time to clean up the hunting camp and preserve the beauty God has given us. Clean out your shooting houses, take down your stands and leave no trace behind. Not only will it make returning next season that much nicer and easier, but it will also set a good example for the younger generations of hunters, teaching them how to respect the land that provides for us.

Turkey Season Begins…turkey in woods side shot Spring turkey season will be here before you know it (March 15) and now is the time to prepare. In addition to planning where to hunt and scouting, you should take an inventory of your turkey gear and get supplies early. The longer you wait the harder it will be to find your go to ammo and warmer weather camo. Get your guns out and go ahead and sight them in. If you don’t have time, just come by and see us at Mark’s Outdoors and let us get you ready to slay that giant gobbler.

Matt LovettScreen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.20.19 PM

Mark’s Outdoor Sports

1400-B Montgomery Highway, Vestavia 35216




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