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Author Sophie Hudson, known as “Boo Mama” for her longstanding, highly humorous blog posts, ( is the keynote speaker at the Women’s City Prayer Breakfast September 29, 7-8:30am at Canterbury United Methodist Church, Her four books, including, All in All, are available at Sanctuary Christian Books in Alabaster.

Sophie Hudson may not think of herself as a preacher, but I’m pretty sure God thinks of her as one. I’ve never met her, never heard her speak, and have no idea if she believes women should stand behind the pulpit. But a preacher she is. I know this because I recently read her new devotional. After reading several pages, I flipped forward and happened upon a segment which caught my eye. It was stunning. In one of those serendipitous moments which only God can orchestrate, Sophie Hudson preached a sermon that I needed to hear that day. And it came from, of all things, a devotional for teenage girls. The Spirit does indeed move in mysterious ways.

All in All (B&H Publishing, $14.99) contains a hundred daily devotions designed for young ladies. Sophie’s writing is light and fun, but deeply substantive. She tackles real issues such as friendship, worship, discipleship, and how to live as faithful servants in God’s kingdom. After each devotion, follow-up questions and Scripture readings are offered, as well as a place for writing prayers. All in All is a solid book that will enhance the spiritual life of every young lady who engages it.

In her introduction, Sophie expresses her desire that All in All would “remind you of the perfect peace and perfect love and perfect grace of Jesus Christ” and “encourage you to dig deeper in your relationship with Him, to trust Him more than you did before, and to seek Him with your whole heart.” These are the words of a disciple-maker, an agent of God’s grace, a minister of the Great Commission. May God bless Sophie’s words and continue to use All in All for the advancement of His kingdom.

Darrel Holcombe, Owner
Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts
Colonial Promenade, Alabaster

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