35th Annual St. Nicholas Russian Food Festival

Enjoy traditional Eastern European foods and pastries, drink Russian tea, shop in a Russian Beriozka store and tour the historic St. Nicholas church at the 35th annual St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Food Festival. The festivities will be from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, November 4 and Noon to 5pm on Sunday, November 5. Signature to the event is the opportunity to sample such foods as pigachi, kolach, pirohy, varenyky, schi, borsch, kasha, blini, holupki, kolbasa and kraut, and halushky. St. Nicholas parish was founded over 100 years ago in Brookside by immigrants from Galacia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, an area that is known today as Slovakia and western Ukraine. The church is located off U. S. Highway 78 West via Interstate I-59 or via Interstates I-65 and I-22. Learn more at www.stnicholasbrookside.org or call 205-285-9648.

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