Addressing Curb Appeal & Safety 

John Gallagher, Bob Cooley, and their team at Classic Iron Works offer you personalized service in determining what will provide your home with not only great curb appeal but also the latest options in safety and security. Visit them on Facebook @CIWBham to see how their Tapco security products work.

Railings and a quality, secure front door are two aspects of home improvement that can quickly boost your home’s curb appeal and safety.

SECURITY DOORS offer protection, decoration and insulation, and they no longer look like the burglar bar doors of the past. “The way the doors are constructed, the workmanship, has not changed, but these doors don’t look like your grandmother or mother’s storm doors,” explains John Gallagher who owns Birmingham’s Classic Iron Works with his partner Bob Cooley and together have 70 plus years of experience in the business. A visit to the Classic Iron Works Show Room is a great way to see all the options available to you, including doors that compliment any style of home from classic to modern to log cabin, plus offer cost saving insulation and cutting-edge security technology as an authorized Tapco dealer. The team at Classic Iron Works can determine for you how best to utilize their products in your home, office or church.

Clear View. Even with a clear view door you can get ample security with the use of hurricane glass versus tempered glass.

Color Choices & Durability. “Early on black was the only color offered, “says Gallagher, “but now you can choose from many different colors that are more durable due to the power coat painting process.”

Beat the Heat. If your front door is exposed to direct sunlight much of the day, tinted tempered glass will help provide heat reflection and reduce the temperature as much as 15 degrees. “It reduces the heat but does not stop the heat,” says Gallagher.

RAILINGS are a necessity if you have steps leading in and out of your home. If you want to sell your home, you will likely be required to add railings. “Back in the day, a rail was a rail. Now we can make rails anyway you want them,” says Gallagher who adds it is important to keep in mind the more ornate you want your rails the more they will cost.

INSTALLATION is key with the purchase of security doors and railings. “Be sure to choose a company that has experience in installing your doors or railing in such a way that you get the optimum benefit from your investment,” says Gallagher. Ask for referrals to see if an installer’s customers have been satisfied.

Take your time in determining what door and/or rails is best for your home, because it is likely a permanent purchase to your home. Check out your options at Classic Iron Works, 3724 1st Avenue North. The showroom is open Monday through Friday 8:30am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. A representative from the company will also come to your home and provide a free consultation to determine what options may best fit your needs, 205-322-6868, †

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